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Vacuum Being Used in Ceiling

Vacuum Being Used in Ceiling

Regular Ceiling Vacuuming is important for healthy homesIf a household roof cavity is left unmaintained it can become a collection point of harmful toxins and debris.


We  recommend that houses have their roof cavity maintained every 5 years, as some households have a collection of more than 20 years of harmful toxins slowly trickling down to the occupants below through ceiling vents, small gaps in cornices, manhole covers, light fixings and the like.




Rodent Debris Ceiling Vacuum

Remove unseen Rodent Debris for a healthier house

Does your ceiling contain these unwanted items?


  • Lead paint toxins
  • Toxic dust that can induce asthma or carry lead poisoning down to your children
  • Dead or decaying animals like lizards, possums, snakes and mice.
  • Cockroaches, mice and rat droppings and bacteria
  • Insulation toxins like formaldehyde and boric acid used in cellulose fibre insulation
  • Loose debris which encourages breeding of rodents and increases the risk of fire.

These contaminants may be contributing to allergies such as your stuffy nose, sneezing, itchy skin, burning eyes and breathing problems.  A Ceiling Vacuum is the Most Affordable Answer.

A ceiling clean will remove 95+% of the dangerous irritants in your ceiling.


Ceiling Vacuum Unit Brisbane

State of the art Hepa rated ceiling vacuum unit

Our services include the thorough removal of dust & toxins using the state of the art Vac N Sack extraction method, we also remove unwanted insulation that has become a breeding ground for rodents and other bacteria.


Vacuuming Your Ceiling will Lessen your Fire Risk by Removing Old Batts and Paper Old insulation including pump-in paper and batts also can be a major safety hazard.

If they are blown around and come in contact with down lights or other heat sources in your roof cavity they can become a fire risk.  A pacific dream scapes will ensure they are removed before the unthinkable happens.

Insulation should not come in contact with down lights.

Act now to book and ensure that you don’t risk a fire any longer.


Result of an Ceiling Insulation Fire

Result of a Ceiling Insulation Fire

How to Book

To book a ceiling vacuum or ceiling clean assessment and quote, simply call us on 07 3888 9919 or click the Request Quote Button and one of our consultants will inspect your home at a suitable time to give you a quote.


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