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Thermal Insulation
Sales & Installation

Outback Insulation Brisbane can make your home more comfortable all year round and, because we provide a diverse range of Insulation products, you can customise the Home Insulation to meet your needs.

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Ceiling Vacuum
& Insulation Removal

We recommend that houses have their roof cavity maintained every 5 years, as some households have the collection of over 20 years of harmful toxins that can include:

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Noise levels are dramatically increasing and its becoming more difficult to relax at home.

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Roof Insulation, Sound Insulation and Insulation Removal

Insulation Supply, Installation and Removal; we specialise in everything to do with insulation.

Best Insulation Brands

We only stock products from safe, solid and reliable insulation brand names like Tontine, Earthwool and Rhino Wrap.  From those trusted names we can supply any kind of insulation you might need. Ceiling Insulation, Acoustic Insulation (Sound Insulation), Floor Insulation, Building Frame Insulation – if it protects against the extremes of the Australian Summer and Winter or helps quieten sound transmission then we can provide it, usually out of currently-held stock.

Roof Insulation | Ceiling Insulation Batts – Major Lines Always in Stock



Thermal Insulation or Acoustic insulation; no matter what kind of insulation you want to buy, we can supply it, and in quick time too.  Our major lines are always in stock and we supply insulation from our Brisbane warehouse all across Queensland.  Our prices are unbeatable.  Contact us today or fill in our quick enquiry form for an obligation-free quote.

Reliable and Safe Installers

Our skilled and experienced installation team will arrive at your premises within a half-hour window of your appointment time, confirm the job activities with you and then complete the job with speedy professionalism and a smile.  If that sounds like the kind of service you want, please contact us today or fill in our quick enquiry form.

Insulation Removal by Ceiling Vacuum

Can you believe that some of our contemporaries use hand-held vacuum cleaners to remove old insulation from your ceiling?  Not only does that take 5 times as long and cost you more money, but it is rarely effective as a domestic vacuum simply isn’t powerful enough to extract all the dust, irritants and potentially toxic particles from your ceiling. 

We use custom-made equipment that extracts dust down to just a few microns in size that would otherwise remain hidden in your ceiling and drift down onto you and your family over time.  For a professional insulation removal service in Brisbane and surrounding cities/towns, please contact us or fill in our quick enquiry form today.  We will come to your premises to give you a fixed quote with no obligation, once we’ve seen the layout of your roof cavity.

Click here for 5 questions to ask any provider of insulation removal services.

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